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Consumer Pacakaged Goods Portfolio of Applications Brochure
Operations & Manufacturing Intelligence
Production Management
Material Management
Operations Intelligence
Capacity Management
Margin Contribution & Optimization
Real-time Compliance & Sustainability
Quality Management
Genealogy/Track & Trace
Environmental Management - Air/Water/Wastewater
Software CEM®
Facilities Energy Monitoring
Utilities & Energy Optimization
Model Predictive Control & Optimization
Predictive Quality - SoftSensors®
Dryer/Evaporator Balance

Consumer Packaged GoodsThe CPG industry is challenged today by extremely volatile global economic conditions and a highly competitive marketplace. Manufacturers are faced with fluctuating demand and shifting brand preferences from various geographies, demographics and market segments. When combined, these challenges contribute to smaller lot sizes and shorter delivery times at a more competitive price.

In response to these conditions, manufacturers must react quicker and operate in a more agile manner, while sustaining or improving customer satisfaction at the lowest cost of manufacturing possible. Efficient operation is crucial to minimize waste, remove bottlenecks and improve asset utilization. Costs must be reduced in response to price pressures on product margins.

Unfortunately, typical manufacturing processes are managed through spreadsheets, manual plant floor paperwork for production and quality, disparate execution solutions, and manual report generation, which are often hours behind production. This delay in receiving and reviewing production information deters manufacturers from discovering inconsistencies and root causes in a timely manner. Consequently, responses to ever-changing manufacturing conditions are slowed and continuous improvement efforts are limited only to historical perspective.

Rockwell Software recognizes these challenges and offers a comprehensive Industry solution focused on delivering best practice execution, predictive control for your vital processes, and Operations intelligence for proactive decision-making that drives optimal manufacturing and economical performance.

Enhance Profitability Reduce Costs
  • Increase yields up to 10%
  • Increase order fill rates up to 20%
  • Minimize scrap/re-work/down grade up to 12%
  • Reduce material, manpower and machine efficiency losses up to 15%
  • Reduce safety stock up to 10%
  • Reduce cycle counting effort up to 50%
Improve Product Quality Environmental Compliance
  • Improve First Pass Quality up to 12%
  • Reduce Quality Compliance Costs by as much as 80%
  • Cut Quality Exceptions by up to 50%
  • Reduce Brand Risk
  • Reduced environmental compliance costs
  • Achieved regulatory compliance goals every production day
  • Reduced continuous emissions monitoring compliance costs up to 50%
  • Minimized reporting data entry burden and total cost by as much as 50%

The Operations & Manufacturing Intelligence applications help manufacturers improve their financial performance of production operations, increase operational flexibility to meet changing market demands, and identify opportunities for improved decisions more quickly and accurately.

The Real-time Compliance & Sustainability applications help organizations comply with sustainability initiatives by reducing environmental and product compliance risks and associated costs. Additionally, these applications assist in improving energy, raw material or human resources efficiencies and reduce waste.

The Model Predictive Control & Optimization applications help improves product quality, reduces raw material consumption and costs, increases first-pass yields, and economically optimizes the production rate.